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Dental clinic in Budapest offering reliable, complex solutions

Welcome to the Rosental Dental and Oral Surgery Centre website! Owing to their superior professional knowledge and experience, each member of our team works every day to find solutions to their patients’ problems. Thanks to our stomatologists’ remarkable competence and the most state-of-the-art tools and solutions, we come up with the best treatment options, in each case. Instead superficial treatments, we believe in care and long term solutions. 

We welcome our dear patients to our dental clinic in Budapest, in the heart of Újbuda, in an amazing green environment. Our Centre providing complex dental care is easily accessible and free parking is available.

Our goal was to establish a centre, where based on professional knowledge and experience gained in related professions, we can offer complex care from basic diagnostic procedures to more sophisticated and elaborate surgeries, all at one place.
In each case, we offer an individual, customized alternative for our patients, making treatments clear and comprehensible with no hidden expenses. 


Dental clinic in Budapest for a healthy and charming smile

Let our team find you the most ideal solution and handle your healthy and charming smile! Make an appointment for a dental consultation.

How will the consultation and then the process happen?

  1. You will schedule an appointment for consultation on the form below or at any of our contact details.
  2. At the scheduled time, you will present at our clinic, where our specialist will listen to you.
  3. Photo documentation, X-ray scans and, if needed, CT scans are performed and an evaluating impression is created as a part of diagnostics.
  4. Our specialist will assess them, and then will inform you about your dentition status and required treatments based on clinical assessment and diagnostic reports.
  5. Our specialist will come up with a treatment plan and a quotation, which will be handed to you in a written form.


Don’t hesitate to contact us today, your health cannot wait! Fill in the Form below and our colleague will call you back soon. Below you will find more information on our team members.


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Dental practice Budapest

Prof Dr Dr József Piffkó

Arc,- Állcsont,- és Szájsebész szakorvos Tanszékvezető Egyetemi Tanár Elnökhelyettese az IMC Joint Degree Master Programnak Master of Science in Implantology and Dental Surgery (M.Sc)

Dental practice Budapest

Dr Máté Vincze

Fogorvos Dento-alveoláris szájsebész szakorvos „Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Implantology and Dental Surgery“ diploma

Opening hours

Dienstag-Donnerstag-Freitag 9:00 - 18:00

Montag-Mittwoch 9:00 - 17:00


Phone number: +36-70-CLICK

E-Mail-Address: CLICK

Address: 1221 Budapest Bencés utca 32..